Architecture and Urban Landscapes by Night



Peter Ruiter

I’m photographing architecture and (urban) landscapes at night.
Houses and offices. Roads, bridges, squares and overpasses.
It is the world in which we live, work and recreate.
Most people just pass by. I take some time to catch my moment.

Groningen, December 2012

On December 20th, 2012, Peter Ruiter graduated from the Photoacademy in Groningen. During the fourth and last year, he specialized in ‘Architecture and Urban Landscapes at Night’.

To resist the temptations of exotic places and buildings, he imposed himself a travel restriction to the limits of the city. His slogan was “If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere” *. This finally resulted in his portfolio and final exams ‘050 Pictures, Groningen at night‘.

The project ‘Groningen at night’ will continue for some time. His travel restrictions have been canceled and the world is at his feet … (Capitals at Night).


* From Alicia Keys, Empire State of Mind II


24/7 Lights

As a photographer, I always search for the light.
Sunlight during daytime, merging into artificial lights at sunset.
With these lights, I create my own (sur)real world,
24/7 …

Peter Ruiter